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Gao Wenbing

Chancellor of the University Council, Central South University



Personal Information

Chancellor Gao Wenbing was born in Penglai, Shandong Province in October 1955Han nationality. He started working in April 1974, then he joined the Communist Party of China in April, 1979.

Education Background & Working Experience

Apr   1974 - Dec1977

Secretary   of Youth League in Miaocheng village, Huairou

County   of Beijing during the Down to the Countryside Movement.

Dec   1977 - Feb 1978  

Monitor   of new squadron in No.23 Plant of Beijing Air Force

Feb   1978 - Jan 1982

Secretary   of Youth League, Nanjing University

Bachelor   Degree of Science in Seismology, Earth Science Department of Nanjing   University.

Feb   1982 - Jan 1985

Monitor   and member of committee of CSU Party Branch

Master   Degree of Science in Physics of Tectonic Geochemistry, Nanjing University

Jan1985   - Feb 1995

Principal   staff member, engineer, deputy director, director, office director assistant   director of department of Science and Technology Ministry of Education (MOE).   Among this period, he went to Hebei province as a volunteer teacher when   participated in the first Central Government Lecturer Group, and served as a   principal of the squad during Aug 1985 to Jul 1986.

Feb   1995 - Aug 1999

Deputy   party secretary & Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission MOE

Aug   1999 - Feb 2004

Office   director, Department of Higher Education MOE

Sep   2001 - Jan 2002

Member   of 37th class for advanced studies of Central Party School for regional and   departmental leaders

Feb   2004 - Jan 2006

Deputy  Chancellor, CPC Guiyang Municipal Committee.

Jun   2006 - Nov 2008

Director,   Department of Higher Education MOE

Mar   2007-Jan 2008

23rd Training Class for Young and Middle-aged by Party School   of the CPC Central Committee

Nov   2008

Chancellor  of CPC Party Committee of CSU (vice-ministerial level)