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C:\Users\hy\Desktop\图片5.jpg图片5Wang Yanqi, Male, graduated with bachelor degree in Theory of Composing Technique in 1983 and with master degree in Moral Philosophy in 1999. He has obtained Senior Professional Title in 2004 and now is the academician of the Aesthetic Education Academy of China Higher Education System, as well as is honored as the assessment expert of graduate essay in the Academic Degree Center of the Ministry of Education. Wang is also the associated president of the Chorus Professional Committee in Hunan Music Association and the director of Hunan Contemporary Music Promotion Association. He also served as professor and supervisor of the graduate students in the Department of Musical Performance in the school of Architecture and Arts in Central South University.

Research areas: Theory of Composing Technique and Musical Sociology.  

Teaching: Music Theory, Harmony, Composition and Musical Cultivation of College Students. Among those courses, Composition and Musical Cultivation of College Students has been assessed as an excellent course in Central South University in 2009 and the data of this course has been entered into a database named “Chaoxing Mooc” among the first batch, which belongs to a national famous Internet teaching platform named “All Top teachers Are Mine”, and this course has received huge popularity among the similar courses in colleges and universities in China.

In recent years, Mr. Wang is the principal investigator of some national and provincial projects, such as “the Study of Ma Wangdui- Music Heritage” (National 985 Project), “the Study of Musical Relics in Hunan Province”, “the Study of Elderly Culture”, etc., and He has published more than 35 papers in different magazines, such as Yellow Clock, Seeking, Journal of Chuan Shan, Journal of Central South University, Journal of Hunan Normal University, Contemporary Education Forum, Music Education and Creation, etc. (12 papers in CSSCI), as well as has published 7 books, 1 translation, 12 textbooks, 13 audio and video publications in different presses, such as Higher Education Press, Hunan Education Press, Hunan Culture Press, Hunan Electric Audio and Video Press, Hunan Culture and Audio Press, Central South University Press, Hunan University Press, etc.(with total of 6.5 million words )


Journal arcticles

"Altered Chords Used in Chinese Music Works Highlights", "Fantasy Musical Charm and Strength";

Book publications

Student Musicianship, Improvised Accompaniment Methods and Techniques of Song, Notation Song Improvisational Accompaniment Express, Opera Creative Activities and Management; translation the Basic Principles of Music;

Published textbook

Chorus Guide, College Musicianship, Teach you to learn - old university textbook series and so on.

Among his published textbooks, Students Musicianship won "outstanding teaching award" in 2009 in the Central South University and was selected as elective textbooks by more than 100 colleges and universities nationwide, and was awarded as a best-selling book in 2003 by the Association of Chinese universities, and "outstanding scientific achievement award" in 2005 by China Higher Aesthetic Education Association professional Committee.