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C:\Users\hy\Desktop\图片7.jpg图片7Sun XiangmingProfessor, Art Philosophy & Design academic leaderPHD. Supervisor & M.A. Supervisor.School of Architecture and Art, Central South University.

Academic PositionMember of China Artist Association; Expert of China Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education; Member of the Design Committee of National MFA Education Commission; Vice-Chairmen of Hunan Designer Association; Vice-Director of Hunan Packaging Design Federation; Honor Society of International Scholar, USA.

EducationVisiting Scholar of Purdue University, USA. 2007M.A. Courses, Graphic Design, Jiangnan University, Wuxi .1987B.A. Fine Arts, Henan University, Kaifeng .1982

Research AreaArt Philosophy: including Design Philosophy, Art Management and so on. Design theory and practice: including Visual Communication design, Poster design, Information design, Research methods, and design education.

Teaching Duties1. PHD. Courses: Academic Issue of Art. Research on Art Frontier Issues , Design philosophy.2. Master Courses: visual language, Brand strategy.3. B.A. Courses: Visual Identity Design, Information Design, Poster Design.

Journal ArticlesPublished more than 45 papers on national core journals, CSSCI journals and other academic journals such as "Art & Design", "China packaging", "Journal of Central South University"," Journal of Hunan University, "Consumer Economics" etc.

Published conference papers:

"First Research of Psychological Behavior on Urban Visual Management" Published by ICESS International Conference 2015.

Book Publications1. Information Design, Chinese light industry Publishing House, 20132. Research on Urban Image System, People's Publishing House, 20123. Research on Visual Design, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, 20124. Modern Advertisement Design, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, 20105. Social Poster Design, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, 2009

6. Poster Design, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, 20057. Aesthetics of Plastic Arts, Central South University Publishing House, 20028. Conspectus of Systematic Art, Chinese Culture and History Publishing House, 20029. Technique of landscape Gouache Paintings from Life, Hunan University Publishing House, 2002

Research ProjectsResearch on Urban Visual Management, Supported by The National Social Science Fund, (NO.13BG159) 2013Research on Urban Identity System, Supported by The National Social Science Fund,(NO.08BF52)2008Information Design, Supported by Hunan Social Sciences funded (NO.2012-17) 2014Information & Visual Identity Design, Supported by MOE, China, International Exchange Fund,(NO.TS2010ZDX057) 2010Central South University VI Design, 2010Zhuzhou TV Brand Design, 2009Chang-Zhu-Tan City VI Design, 2009Research on Urban Public Information Design, Supported by Hunan Social Science Fund,(NO.2008YB032) 2008Research for the Strategy of Urban Identity, Supported by Chinese Education Ministry, (NO.05JA760017) 2005

International Education Programs1. Host of CSU, the 1st, 2nd China Central South University &USA Purdue University, international Poster Design Exchange Education Project.2. Host of CSU, the 1st, 2nd China Central South University &USA Purdue University & UK University of Wolverhampton, international Poster Design Exchange project.3. Host of CSU, the 1st, 2nd , 3rd & 4rd China Central South University & UK, Coventry University, international Education Exchange project.4. Give the lectures in USA, Denver Art College, Purdue University, Chicago Columbia College; in UK , Coventry University , University of Wolverhampton and so on.

Exhibitions1. “Sun Xiangming’s Works” Exhibition, Art Festival, Lafayette, USA, 2007.2. “Close to nature” Exhibition, Purdue University, USA, 2006.3. “Painting for Life” Exhibition, Pennsylvania University, USA, 1991.4. “Cooperation of Works Exhibition”, Luoyang Museum, 1990.

Awards1. First Prize of National Poster Competition on Energy Conservation for Public Institution, 20152. The Excellent Artist of “300 Excellent Artists of Hunan Province”, by Hunan Province Government, 20143. The Excellent Tutor of “National Student’s Post Design Competition”, by China Education Ministry, 20114. The Talent of “National Cross-century Talents”, By Central Government, 1998

Contact InformationSchool of Architecture and Art, Central South University, 932 Lushan South Rd,  Changsha city, Hunan province 410083P.R.CHINAPhone: (086-0731) 88836718 (O)E-mail: xm7999@163.com