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C:\Users\hy\Desktop\图片10.jpg图片10Guohui She, Professor.

Educational background: Graduate with Master’s Degree

Major: Civil Engineering and Architecture

In 1993, Ms. She worked in Hunan light industry design company, and had been promoted to chief civil engineer, as well as high-level architect. In 1998, she was granted as national first-class registered architect. Ms. She now serves as the secretary in board of industrial design in Architecture Society of China. In the same year, she was listed as a think tank expert in Hunan. In 2004, Ms. She was appointed as professorship in Department of Architecture and Urban Planning in CSU.. Throughout more than 34 years work in architectural design, professor She won 5 design awards at Hunan province level (including 2 first places), and 2 at national level.  She teaches the following courses: Principles of architectural design (Undergrad level), Principles of industrial design (Undergrad level), Theory and practice of architecture (Graduate level).

Phone : 0731-82656910

Email: Pollyshzh@126.com