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Sam68 confers radioprotection to healthy and cancerous colon
February 27, 2017Click:

Topic: Sam68 confers radioprotection to healthy and cancerous colon

Lecturer: Kai Fu, Ph.D.  

                 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,              

                 The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,

                 The Johns Hopkins University, USA

Host: Prof. Li Jiada

Time: Feb 28 2017, Tue, 10:00 AM

Add: F5 Auditorium, State Key Laboratory of Medical Genetics,110 Xiangya Rd


The nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) signaling pathway remains one of the most attractive avenues for pharmacological intervention, given its crucial function in human health and disease. NF-κB-mediated gene transcription is one of the most important mediators for cells to sense genomic DNA damage and initiate appropriate cellular responses.  Genotoxic agents trigger a “nuclear-to-cytoplasmic” signaling pathway leading to NF-κB activation. In spite of the widespread use of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer treatments that can cause DNA damage and initiate this signaling pathway, the early nuclear signaling cascade linking DNA damage and NF-κB activation, is still not well understood.


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