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Smart Civil Engineering Infrastructure: Health monitoring & reliability assessment
August 30, 2016Click:

Lecturer: Prof. Chen Huapeng, The University of Greenwich

Time: September 5, 2016 Thu 9:00 – 11:00 AM

Address:  F14, Conference Room, Century Building, Railway Campus

Biography: Chen Huapeng (PhD) is now working on civil engineering at School of Engineering and Science as director and chair professor, director of Institute of Innovation and Intelligent infrastructure. He is the talent of “Intelligence Introduction” at CSU. Professor Chen has previously worked at Imperial College London and obtained Ph.D.

His research areas cover: health monitoring of construction, performance evaluation and maintenance management of civil infrastructure, etc. As principal investigator, he hosted over 20 projects of NERC, Royal Academy of Engineering as well as other research councils of UK, over 150 papers have been published. His research team Research Center of Infrastructure Innovation and the University of Greenwich has recruited over 20 people including senior lecturers, lecturers and post doctors. He is the fellow of ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) and has 10 years experience in the industry of civil engineering of British.


Maintenance and management of aging civil infrastructure systems, such as bridges, highway and railway transportation systems, has recently become a grand challenge for engineers worldwide. However, the existence of subjective and inaccurate condition assessment is the most critical technical barrier to effective and efficient infrastructure management. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a process of in-service damage detection for structures concerned and is a key element of strategies for condition based maintenance and damage prognosis. A SHM based reliability analysis is useful for predicting the future performance, estimating the remaining useful life and optimising the maintenance strategy for deteriorating structures during the service life. SHM strategy integrated with structural reliability analysis is essential to calibrate structural assessment and prediction, to enable optimal operation and maintenance of infrastructure and, eventually, to operate infrastructure systems beyond their original design life.


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