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Recent research on tensile membrane action in concrete slabs
August 29, 2016Click:

Topic: Recent research on tensile membrane action in concrete slabs
Lecturer: Professor Luc Taerwe

Time: September 1st, 2016, Thu. 09:00 AM

Add: International Auditorium C 201, Century Building, Railway Campus.

He is laureate of the AIG Award (1983), the Magnel Award (control office SECO - 1986), the Robert l'Hermite Medal (RILEM - 1988) and the IABSE Prize (1991) and he is Fellow of the American Concrete Institute (2001). He is a member or chairman of several committees and working groups and he is the author of more than 300 publications in journals and congres proceedings.
     His research is situated in the following domains: structural behaviour of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, non-linear analysis, fire resistance, composite (FRP) reinforcement, high-strength concrete, satistical aspects of conformity control, probabilistic risk analysis, risk management,...


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