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Administration Regulations on Non-academic International Students

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 The non-academic International Students of CSU include the professional advanced students, advanced students with Chinese major, exchange students and visiting students.

Chapter 2 Management of Professional Advanced Students (exchange students and visiting students included)

Article 2 The term of study for professional advanced students is one school year or less than one school year, which may be extended to two years at most.

Article 3 The course arrangement and the Training Program for ordinary and superior professional advanced students in CSU shall be implemented as stipulated in Regulations of the Central South University on Administration of School Roll of International Students (Postgraduates).

Article 4 The transcript and certificate of completion shall be issued by the related department of CSU when the professional advanced students complete their courses.

Chapter 3 Management of Advanced Students with Chinese Major

Article 5 Advanced students with Chinese major shall attend the courses and take the corresponding assessment as stipulated in the teaching plan.

Article 6 Advanced students in Chinese shall apply for a class shift on their own or with the suggestion of the lecturer because of educational differences.

Article 7 Inter-class transfer result academic performance shall be conducted with the student’s application of the student or the advice of the lecturer after going through relevant examinations and approval.

Article 8 The grading of a course in one semester includes that of the usual performance and the final examination.

Article 9 Certificate of completion shall be granted to those who have completed all the courses with a passing grade. Certificate of learning shall be issued depending on different circumstances for the dropout.

Chapter 4 Supplementary Provisions

Article 9 Other matters of non-academic International Students not mentioned herein shall be implemented according to related regulations of academic students.

Article 10 This regulation shall be implemented since the issue for whose interpretation the International Cooperation and Exchange Department is responsible.

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